Better late than never !

The week two update has been delayed by a mixture of holidays, illness and injury amongst your blog authors.

The contractors have however been busy beavering away. Week two saw the arrival of the first big machines to progress the site clearance.

The tress and bushes that were cut down earlier in the year have now been chipped and mulched. This mean the site is now clear of brush for the first time since the construction of the Carmarthen bypass

The cleared areas now visible from the platform at Abergwili Junction

Alongside this the temporary access is now in place, giving those that pass us on the bypass a feel for what future access will be to the Abergwili site.

Lots of progress as you can see, If you would like more information on how you can support us then please look here

Abergwili Junction Development

A polite reminder that the site remains strictly off limits to all members of the public and railway staff

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