Sun, Sun, Sun

With  wall to wall sunshine again this week the contractors have been  making  some serious progress on site.  As we alluded to in last weeks the heavy plant is now on site and making big inroads in to the job at hand.

The site has now been cleared and flattened
Looking the other way.
The new access road starting to take shape.

For those of you not familiar with the history of our site at Abergwili. When the final phase of the Carmarthen bypass was built in 1998/1999 our site was used as a ‘borrow pit’. This means that good material was remove from the site to help build embankments further down the bypass whilst poor quality was brought back to the site for storage. This has resulted in a site with many different levels and varying soil qualities. As a result our car park designer Simon has spent a huge amount of time working out how to move soil around the site to achieve a consistent height in the finished car park.

The bottom of the green board shows the level of the finished car park

As can be seen from the above photo there are some part of the site where the ground level needs to be raised quite significantly. Thank fully we have sufficient material onsite that we can achieve these new levels without the need to import large quantities of material to site.

Looking South towards the area of the new carriage shed.

Finally taking advantage of the nice still weather on Sunday afternoon, we took up the offer of one of our supporter to do a spot of droning filming over the site. The images and video’s we managed to capture are very exciting and will allow us to show you a totally different view of the project, so watch this space!

This project has been supported by

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