It ain’t half hot !

Yet again the sun has shone here in West Wales and boy has it been hot.

This week has seen work focusing on bring the site to the correct levels.

Looking towards Abergwili

In the photo we can see the final car park level taking shape. The mound on the left is what is left to be used on the final part of the car park behind the camera. The wooden post showing where the roadway will run through site.

Elements of this weeks work are difficult to show as once the work is done the original reference points are lost. The above photo shows the levels last week and the amount the levels need to be raised. The photo below Is looking toward the same spot and shows the the level has been raised to the marker.

Latest progress on levels.

The final photo shows the last of the back fill waiting to be levelled by the new access way.

After this week visual progress will slow down as we move towards focusing on preparation work for the new junction and the installation of ducting for utilities.

This project has been supported by

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