Wake me up when September ends!

Visual progress on site has slowed down over the last few weeks with focus shifting toward the underground infrastructure. There however has still been plenty of progress on a lot of fronts.

Ties waiting to be used for pulling cables.

Elsewhere on site a start has been made on installing the curbing stones that will form the permeant access road in to and out of site.

Work on the installation of the access road proper will ramp up over the next few weeks. Once the access road has been built the final earth pile (seen below right) can be moved creating the final finished car park area.

Looking north with the Car park area now clearly taking shape

Alongside the contractors a team of Permeant way volunteers has made a start on slewing the track that made up the headhunt at Abergwili.

This work is an important first step in the construction of our carriage shed, as it now allows us to mark up and lay the foundations for the shed.

Whilst visual progress has slowed some what, a huge amount of time has been put in by the project team with site meetings and design and legal work in the background. This has seen the following achieved

  • Agrement with Western Power for the Diversion of the 11Kv cables.
  • The sign off of a sections 278 agreement with Carmarthenshire Country council
  • Finalising of the internal site electrical plans
  • Final design work on the Dan Do Carriage shed ready to go for tender.
  • Final design work on pedestrian access to the site

A lot of this is extremely technical work and were are indebted to those that have provide their professional expertise on these element of the project at no cost to the railway.

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