Kerb Stones and Milestones

Work has continued a pace on site with some key project milestones having been achieved in the last week.

The right hand ‘lane’ showing phase 1 of Dan Do

The first of these is the marking out and pouring of the foundations for Dan Do. As you will hopefully be aware the first phase of Dan Do will see the equivalent of 8 BR Mk1 undercover or two roads of 280 ft. This will mark a step change on the railway and will see the bulk of our carriage undercover for the first time in the railways history’s.

Foundations of Dan Do ready for pouring the concrete.

Elsewhere on the project work has been focused on the construction of the permeant access road. This has seen the final earth bank removed from the area that makes up the car park area.

The site showing the main parking area now level.

The final milestone is the construction of the access off the A485. This has now reached the point where the base layer of tarmac has now been laid. This will continue throughout the week to bring the access road to the correct height.

From Easter 2023 this will be the main visitor entrance to the Gwili. Watch this space for further updates this week…

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  1. Excellent progress


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