Its the final count down

With the clock steadily ticking down towards the opening of the site on the Easter weekend, activity on site has been steadily ramping up

The first of the major projects has seen a small team focus on laying the new water feed to site. This requires the team to lay and trench nearly 500m of new piping.

Elsewhere on site, there has been a concerted effort to clear the platform and back area and finish the installation of spear fence. This has seen a huge amount of foliage, track materials and general clutter removed.

As part of the tidy up works, some of the material that was cut down has been repurposed as a dead hedge. The aim of this is to maintain and support the ecology and biodiversity of the site

Not to be left out the bottom end of the site has seen Ian Davies Plant return to site. There focus has been on trenching work ready for the relocation of the high voltage power lines that currently run across the site. At the same time National Grid will also be bringing in our new power supply.

Finally our staff popped in to GM Engineering this week to see the progress on the Dan Do shed structure. All the steel work is now to hand and a start has been made on cutting it to the right sizes. It is hoped that onsite work at Abergwili will start towards the end of April.

This project has been supported by the following organisations :

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